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Lunchmeat & Life Lessons: Sharing a Butcher’s Wisdom

Mary B. Lucas inspires audiences worldwide. Using real world examples and the power of storytelling, Mary shares what she learned from her father and her career in the people business. She offers advice from the smartest man she ever knew—her father. A butcher by trade, he was the greatest coach she ever encountered. This presentation will help you learn how to inspire and bring out the best in yourself and others by creating meaningful connections in your workplace, networks and personal life.

“Mary’s presentation was the highlight of the conference for me.”

Micah Chase, CEO

“Brilliant, superb, inspiring and emotional.”

Geraldine King, Director

“I am eternally grateful to you for sharing your story.”

Jean Harrison, Executive Director

“You weren’t just a speaker – you were an INSPIRATION
to my entire team!”

Susan Botkin , National Field Sales Director

“Five minutes into your presentation I knew I was
in for something special.”

Tom Tysver, Social Worker

“Truly, you confirmed that our greatest opportunities in life all center around the choices we make.”

Larry Garner - Vice President, HR

“Mary made us laugh and cry – no better compliment than that!”

Arlene Mockapetris, Senior Vice President, Regional Manager

“ …. Jam packed with wisdom that can make a difference today.”

Kevin Green, Chief Executive

“ …. A must for anyone needing a lift, a bit of a nudge and a reminder of what really counts in business and in life.”

Barnett Helzberg, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

“Your stories are authentic, delightful and essential.”

Janet Kraus - CEO

“My strongest recommendation for a speaker is Mary Lucas.”

Eric Gregg, CEO

“Your talk is authentic and so relevant.”

Carlos E. Llanso, CEO

“Mary is gifted at building trust and offering constructive guidance.”

Neal J. Schwartz , Vice President

Outcomes & Takeaways

Participants leave her session with fresh perspectives on many of life’s daily challenges:
• Learn something from every person you meet.
• The best endings are the ones you are prepared for.
• Nobody can make you happy but yourself.
• Don’t take life too seriously – you’re never going to get out of it alive anyway.
• And finally……Remember the comeback sauce.

Mary is ready to go to work for your next professional meeting or seminar. Contact her today.