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Helping People Connect, Communicate, and Cultivate a World Class Culture

As a leader with more than 30 years ‘experience, Mary knows how to bring out the best in both individuals and organizations.  She has coached and mentored countless leaders, helping them to achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives.

Through her best-selling book, speaking engagements, and YouTube channel, Mary shares her expertise on leadership, communication, customer service, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth.

By connecting with people worldwide, Mary has helped individuals and companies:

  • Improve communication
  • Create world-class cultures
  • Build strong strategic relationships
  • Engage and motivate others
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve workplace relationships
  • Enhance self-awareness and self-management

For more information on how Mary can help you or your team members connect, communicate, and cultivate a world-class culture, contact us.

“One of the greatest gifts I have been given in my career is having Mary as a coach and mentor.  She’s straightforward and honest, but in the most encouraging and compassionate manner.  She has a gift in being able to read people and situations quite astutely and then offers advice to help you make the best decisions.  What I admire most about her is her relentless positivity.  She makes you believe you can do it because she believes so strongly in you.”

–Andrea Edwards, CEO, Scout Communications Group

“Mary and I initially engaged in a coaching relationship focused on communication skills, but I concluded my work with Mary with more take-aways and benefits than I imagined possible. She has helped me change my whole outlook, and I frequently refer to the concepts and insights she shared with me. I have obtained leadership tools from Mary that have been priceless.”

— Lisa Lickert, Entrepreneur

“Mary’s coaching skills are exceptional. She can take you from someone lacking necessary confidence and communication skills required to lead an organization to someone whose realized success is far beyond expectations. I know because she did it with me.”

— Beth Delaney, Staffing Industry Owner Operator

“Mary portrays special qualities as she naturally engages, empowers, and enables people to succeed. In my work with her, I was driven to excel feeling the responsibility of mirroring her focus on people and process with the confidence that the effort would bare WIN-WIN results.”

— Jim Fox, Organizational Development Leader

“I have been consistently impressed by Mary’s ability to connect coach leaders in a clear and meaningful way and I believe she is especially gifted at building trust and offering constructive guidance.”

— Neal Schwartz, Healthcare Compliance & Credentialing Leader 

“Mary has been a tremendous asset to our business. We have used her for individualized coaching with a few of our people and the results have been outstanding! She has the ability to handle sensitive topics in a direct manner and her communication skills are outstanding.”

— Lesa Francis, Staffing Industry CEO