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“Mary’s presentation was the highlight of the conference for me.”

“Brilliant, superb, inspiring and emotional.”

“I am eternally grateful to you for sharing your story.”

“You weren’t just a speaker – you were an INSPIRATION
to my entire team!”

“Five minutes into your presentation I knew I was
in for something special.”

“Truly, you confirmed that our greatest opportunities in life all center around the choices we make.”

“Mary made us laugh and cry – no better compliment than that!”

“ …. Jam packed with wisdom that can make a difference today.”

“ …. A must for anyone needing a lift, a bit of a nudge and a reminder of what really counts in business and in life.”

“Your stories are authentic, delightful and essential.”

“My strongest recommendation for a speaker is Mary Lucas.”

“Your talk is authentic and so relevant.”

“Mary is gifted at building trust and offering constructive guidance.”