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Hello Friends and Family:

It’s late July here in Kansas City, which means the temperature is hovering near 100 degrees F. That’s not cool with me, so I’m spending time inside getting caught up with you. Lots of news to report!

My Father, the Butcher, would have celebrated his 100th birthday this month. He’s been gone almost 12 years now, though I’m sure there was quite a celestial celebration above. Together, we all remembered him at a family gathering on July 16, and reflected on the legacy he left behind. His many life lessons, his wit and wisdom. And as I’ve always known, those are the very best gifts we can give…….and receive. So happy birthday, Dad.

100 is a powerful number, isn’t it? It feels total, complete and certain. Whether it’s 100 degrees of heat. 100 years of life. Or 100% sure of a decision. Which is what I was earlier this month when I made a life-changing one.

After five years with Staffmark, a staffing and workforce management firm that feels like a second family to me, I’m stepping away from my leadership role to pursue other adventures. Chief among these is what I’ve come to realize is my life’s work: sharing my dad’s wit and wisdom through speaking engagements, workshops and training seminars to companies, universities and organizations around the country…..and around the world. I did not make this decision lightly. My own personal “Lunchmeat Legion” — husband Scott, sons Chase and Nick, close friends and professional mentors — all helped me get here.

The timing seems absolutely right. I am excited to focus more on this work that means so much to me, and put my dad’s common sense approach to life front and center. Now’s my chance. There are hundreds of you out there that have asked me to make this leap of faith….and now I’m ready. Yes, this means stepping out of my corporate shoes, but I’m stepping into some very comfortable and familiar ones. And I know they’ll take me places I’ve always wanted to go.

You’re invited along for the journey, of course. If you’re seeking a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, let me know and I’ll get some information to you right away.

In the meantime click on the link below to see my latest video introduction:  

And please check out my website links regularly as I plan to make some updates in the coming weeks to better reflect not only where I have been but where I am headed.

Someone once said that life is 10% what you make it, and 90% how you take it. With your 100% support, that’s exactly the path I’m taking. Hope to see each of you along the way.

Thanks for reading,


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